Community Team Update #2 | The Outreach Metrics

The story so far.

Following the establishment of this event’s ‘Community Outreach Team’, significant efforts have been underway since doing our Call for Speakers & Performers at the NZ National Library during the TEDxWellingtonSalon #12.

Our busy ‘outreachers’ have been emailing, phoning, and door knocking the old fashioned way all around Wellington and beyond – with one clear question:

Who do you know in your community who has a performance or talk to give?

We’ve made efforts to throw the net as wide as we can, and while we’ll never be able to truly reach as many people as we’d like, this year is certainly setting a new precedent.

Here’s a summary of our efforts thus far:

Previous speakers65
High profile people23
Wellington Tertiary education providers7
Large science and innovation organisations13
TEDxWellington volunteers235
Large NZ corporates35
Wellington Ethnic organisations21
GLAM sector organisations82
Wellington hospitality businesses37
Supporting TEDxWellington previous partners51
Start-up hubs4
Wellington business leaders750+
Primary and secondary Wellington schools200+
High school students via YES social channels4000+
Local innovators and leaders130+
Large network newsletters10+

New Zealand is a gold mine for good ideas – and Wellington is a forge that can bring them together. We’ve been blown away by the level of interest and enthusiasm of people to be involved.

During this reach-out it has been nothing short of inspirational to see New Zealanders so full of grit, perseverance, hard work and hope for the future. One thing is for sure – kiwis have not stopped creating, inventing, innovating and taking a lead, which is what TEDxWellington is all about.

And if that sounds like you or someone you know the Call for Speakers & Performers is still open. But hurry, there’s just over one week left!

Applications close 12 noon on the 25th.

If you have any questions at all about the process of applying to speak, just get in touch with the Community Team.