Are you ready to Take the Leap?

TEDxWellington 2024 Theme Announcement

There’s a shift in the air. 

A ripple of possibility echoing through the capital. 

Can you sense it?

Maybe it’s that long-ignored idea yearning to be born again, or a flicker of ambition just waiting for that spark. 

In the heart of Aotearoa, Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Wellington, there’s always something greater awaiting those who break from the routine, step into uncertainty, and dare to make a change.

That’s the spirit behind TEDxWellington 2024. 

Our theme is an invitation and a challenge all at once: 

“Take the Leap”

Leaps Come in All Forms

Leaps aren’t always about grand gestures. Sometimes they’re quiet acts of courage – like defying fear, silencing your inner critic, or embracing the unknown. As much as it’s about the inventor turning a sketch into a prototype and the entrepreneur finally turning a side hustle into a thriving business – it’s about the mindset to get into action and keep going no matter the scale of the outcome. It’s the choice to reject complacency, to say “I won’t wait any longer.”

Te Whanganui-a-Tara – Wellington hums with this energy. From artists making bold statement pieces to tech experts solving grand challenges – it is the centre of innovation, creativity, and government. It’s in the spirit of this place – the very heart of our nation – that refuses to stay small.

A Space to Inspire and Be Inspired

TEDxWellington isn’t merely an event, it’s an experience designed to unleash potential. This April 13th at the dynamic Victoria University campus, prepare to be moved, inspired, and left energised by Speakers who have taken their own audacious leaps. Their stories are living examples of why you won’t truly know what you’re capable of until you dare to try.

We know that leaps demand support. Our space won’t just be filled with captivating talks, but also with opportunities to connect, ignite collaboration, and be inspired by interactive elements that will provoke your curiosity and spark your creativity.

Your Next Leap

What would you experience, create, change, or conquer if only you dared? Embracing that feeling is the first step – and we promise to nudge you closer to realising the rest.

This event is about the power of shared experiences of ideas worth spreading. We stand humbled by the leap our talented Speakers took by applying. That spirit of curiosity and drive? It’s infectious. And, alongside inspiring our stage, it’s woven into the fabric of TEDxWellington itself. From our dedicated volunteer team to our valued partners, this has been a labor of love for a city with boundless vision.

There’s so much more to reveal. Mark your calendar, embrace your curiosity, and prepare for a day that changes perspectives. 

Join us for TEDxWellington 2024.

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