Wellington City Council Funding update | We have Absolutely, Positively good news!

Hooray! Wellington City Council have said yes to our application to them for funding as part of the Covid-19 Tipu Toa: Build Back Better / City Recovery Fund Recovery Fund.

The TEDxWellington team shared a collective cheer when the good news arrived this week, knowing just how much this support means for our local community.

  • Thank you Wellington City Council – you’ve always supported us in some way, whether it was through Venue Subsidy or our Mayor hosting an evening of celebration for our local speakers, volunteers, sponsors & partners. This is a great acknowledgement from you for what we’ve been doing over the years here in Wellington.
  • This means we can offer affordable price tickets for everyone and present our biggest TEDxWellington event ever, in the first half of 2021.
  • Watch this space for more news coming soon re. Dates, Venue, &  Theme 

Wellington City Council have said yes to our application to them for funding as part of the Covid-19 Tipu Toa: Build Back Better / City Recovery Fund Recovery Fund.

In short, we asked the council for $30,000 to help cover the costs of venue hire. This financial contribution is going to significantly reduce our dependence on ticket sales and ultimately make our event more accessible to you all. As part of our commitment to TEDxWellington being an open, equitable event for all of Wellington, we want to be able to give everybody the opportunity to attend. We’ll be live streaming it as well!

With Covid-19 cancelling our 2020 event, we have set our sights on the first half of 2021, when we plan to host the largest TEDxWellington event yet.

Looking at what’s happening on the world stage, we can all agree that New Zealand has escaped the worst of Covid-19, but there is certainly no denying the significant impact it has had.

TEDxWellington 2019 Event

In response to the disruption and subsequent economic faIn response to the disruption and subsequent economic fallout, the Wellington City Council put together the Covid19 City Recovery Fund, with a focus on revitalising the city’s economic activity.

“Specifically, supported initiatives will re-create, create or retain jobs, support and invigorate the arts, culture and hospitality sectors, support Wellington as a domestic tourist destination, support innovation & economic recovery in key target sectors, and positively contribute to the Wellington’s GDP and enhance our global reputation as a good place to do business.”

Extract from Covid19 City Recovery Fund

Some of the key impacts that TEDxWellington brings to our city are:

  • TEDxWellington is an event that is uniquely placed to amplify the stories of the region to a global audience whilst offering an opportunity for the city to come together
  • With nearly 2000 people in attendance, the 2021 event will be a superb chance for the city council to engage with its residents during the breakouts
  • We’ve had 7 sell-out TEDxWellington events (including 11 Salons)
    • There have been 2,100 attendees to the main events, another 1,100 at the Salons and a further 13,000+ livestream attendees
    • 20% of attendees are from outside of Wellington
    • The videos of the TEDxWellington talks are approaching nearly 1 million youtube views
    • 150+ volunteers have been involved with us over the years gaining unique and valuable event experience
  • TEDxWellington has featured in a number of international blogs/workshops and podcasts
  • We’ve received great support from local partnering brands and organisations (some have won awards for their work!)
  • All our speakers go through a 5 week coaching experience – we actively train and amplify excellent public speakers
  • TEDxWellington operates across sectors and is a key event for connecting those in the region
  • 2021 will again focus on Wellington regional talent, broadcasting our voice to the world.

We’re extraordinarily appreciative of the Councils support and in the past the mayor has hosted us to acknowledge and celebrate our volunteers, local speakers, partners and sponsors:

In the spirit of gratitude, we’d like to thank all of our previous sponsors and partners again. Community is at the heart of what we do. Without their support, we couldn’t play our part in giving back and spreading great ideas.

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