Exciting new formats!

Kia ora, TEDxWellington whānau!

Welcome back to the thriving hub of ideas worth spreading! We’ve returned from our hiatus, our minds brimming with fresh energy and our hearts full of a renewed commitment to shine a spotlight on the incredible ideas that are being cultivated right here in New Zealand and, indeed, across the globe.

This year, we’re shaking things up a bit. We’ve taken a step back, reassessed, and realigned our approach to truly embody the essence of TEDx – championing ‘ideas worth spreading’.

In a bold new move, we’ve decided in addition to our big stage event, to produce ongoing TEDx content via our digital channels, spotlighting one idea at a time, ensuring that each one garners the attention and recognition it truly deserves. Our mission is to amplify the impact of each individual idea and discover the ideas truly worth spreading. This way, the power of every concept, every innovation, and every thought-provoking message can resonate far and wide, without getting lost in the noise of multiple ideas.

To achieve this, we’re harnessing the power of TED’s Studio Licence, a flexible format designed for showcasing ideas worth spreading, anytime, anywhere, outside of our traditional TEDx events. With this licence, we’re able to produce standalone TEDx talks—think engaging conversations in unique settings, filmed specifically to resonate with our digital audience. Instead of focusing on simply a live audience, we’ll be shooting in close or site-specific settings that bring our speakers’ ideas to life. 

We could be catching a scientist in their lab or a teacher in their classroom, creating a series of talks relevant to specific themes. And the best part? There’s no cap on the number of talks we can produce under this licence, meaning more ideas, more engagement, and more innovation for our TEDxWellington community.

This innovative approach allows us to tailor the presentation format to the idea, rather than trying to squeeze everything into a one-size-fits-all box. This means you can look forward to a diverse array of digital content, far beyond the confines of the red circle. So, for all you TED talk enthusiasts out there, gear up for a more frequent dose of the content you adore. Get ready for a year filled with ideas that are sure to challenge, inspire, and excite!

But don’t worry, we’re not abandoning the electric energy of the stage! For those ideas that thrive in the limelight, we’ll continue to host in-person events that bring us all together under one roof. Not only is this a requirement of our licence, but it’s a brilliant way to foster a sense of community and celebrate the power of shared ideas. So stay tuned for more details on this exciting development!

Speaking of community, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting regular TEDxWellington Meetups! These gatherings will be a wonderful opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and network with like-minded individuals who share our passion for ideas worth spreading.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for our Meetups page, so you can stay in the loop about upcoming events. If you’re prone to bouts of FOMO, be sure to follow us on all our social platforms and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you’re always in the know.

So, are you ready to join us on this exciting new journey? Let’s dive in, and together, let’s continue to make TEDxWellington the vibrant, idea-inspiring community we all love and cherish.

Until next time, whānau!