Funding Application For TEDxWellington 2021 Submitted | Wellington City Council Covid19 City Recovery Plan

Previous TEDxWellington speakers share their support for our event, how it’s impacted their lives and our communities.

Thank you to our amazing previous speakers: Melissa Marquez, Jase Te Patu, Jo Cribb, Shaun Holt,Deborah Morris-Travers, Ged Finch, Anne-marie Brook, Gabe Davidson, Glenis Hiria Philip-Barbara, and Nic Murray who shared their stories and support for TEDxWellington in the video above.

Fingers Crossed! We’ve officially submitted our application to the Wellington City Council, looking for their support of TEDxWellington 2021 as part of the Covid19 City Recovery Fund.

Financial support from the Wellington City Council would enable us to subsidise ticket costs, making the event much more accessible to you all and provide essential support to our hardworking volunteer organisers.

For more information on the fund, please click here.

TEDxWellington 2021 aims to be our largest event yet, with over 2000 attendees. The event will also be livestreamed so it can be watched globally in real-time. The videos of the talks will remain online, continuing to collect views and drive positive exposure of Wellington.

It isn’t hard to see the amazing impact that TEDxWellington brings to our community. That’s exactly why we’ve worked so hard to put this submission together.

As part of our submission we acknowledged the following as key outcomes of our event:

  • Refresh Wellington as the events Capital and attract conference tourism
  • Sharing local stories with 2000+ local people and to the world stage online
  • Local businesses aligned with local ideas and pursue positive initiatives
  • Local Pride and an invigorated, motivated community mindset
  • Building trust and engagement with Wellingtonians through transparency and interactions
  • Contribution of meaningful science and dialogue in the public domain on the COVID-19 global health and economic crisis
  • Public feedback, Post-event communications and reporting on outcomes

TEDxWellington has garnered a highly regarded global reputation for its events and engagement within the TEDx community.

New Zealand has a lot to offer in terms of COVID-19 dialogue. Our policymakers, strategists, health professionals and leaders have made unique and unrivaled efforts to manage the disease on our shores. There is substantial international interest in learning about what we’ve done here, and how we’ve done it.

We know our platform is uniquely powerful in the Wellington events ecosystem at globally amplifying our success stories and emergent initiatives. Read our previous post for more on our impact.

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Please share your own stories and experiences of TEDxWellington with us, and tag Wellington City Council to let them know how important this event is for our Wellington and wider communities.

Spread the word, spread the love, and keep spreading great ideas.

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