TEDxWellingtonSalon #10 At NZ Portrait Gallery | Event Review

Another great opportunity to keep engaged with our amazing TEDxWelly community.

Our last community Salon event was held at the fantastic NZ Portrait Gallery for the first time.

The format folowed previously Salons with updates from past speakers, an opportunity to hear where they are on their journey and what impact their involvement with TEDxWellington has had on them, plus some TED talks and interactions.

We started with an update from David Eccles since his 2016 ‘Sequencing That Stimulates The Sensors’ talk:

Then to a TED talk and discussion in groups about what other things can be made into something useful:

After a discussion we showed a video update from Phil Sage over in the states and his update since his ‘Why Toys Matter’ 2017 talk:

Since we were in a gallery we showed the following TED talk and invited our attendees to walk around and find the story inside the portraits:

One third of the Coliberate crew, Sarah Tuck and her update since the ‘A ‘Gym’ for Mental Health’ 2017 talk:

And as with most of these evening events, we utilise the opportunity to announce something and this time it was the date of our 2019 main event plus the details of the call for speakers and performers:

HUGE thanks to hosts NZ Portrait Gallery, Powershop for sponsoring this event plus THE LAB for partnering as well and providing delicious food.

Some choice pics from the eve, lots more here: