TEDxWellington 2017 Speaker Videos Now Live | Capital Ideas Worth Spreading

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Watch your favourite talk again (or discover a new favourite)!

We are a city of great ideas,” Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said at last week’s TEDxWellington celebration, “and we need to export them to the rest of the world.

Now we can.

We’re pleased to announce that all the speaker videos from this years TEDxWellington are now live!

Relive your favourite talk, share it with your friends and challenge their perspectives with some amazing ideas worth spreading:

John Cockrem | Penguins and Kaitiakitanga

Korora are declining, and John is developing methods to bring them back to coastal communities. In matauranga Maori the success of korora populations indicates the health of the coastal environment.

Rebecca Stewart | A Recipe for Our Future Workforce

Rethinking our attitudes towards people with refugee backgrounds and how they can add value to startups.

CoLiberate | A ‘Gym’ Culture for Mental Health

This trio is on a mission to shift the perception of mental health and enable emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

Phil Sage | Why Toys Matter

How toys create leaders of the future and ultimately make the world a better place to live in.

Jason Long | The Impossible Drum Solo

Acoustic instruments coupled with musical robots.

Marjan van den Belt | Overcoming Addiction to Economic Growth

Challenging the current economic model which the world has become addicted to.

Irene Wakefield | Softening into the Discomfort of Conversations

In 2015, Irene founded Prepair NZ after learning that a former relationship was mentally and emotionally abusive – something she once vowed not to fall victim to.

Nik Curry | Postural Patterning: Making the Changes

Which buttock are you sitting on? Do you always stand with weight on one foot? A talk on how to learn how to change and why.

Jo Cribb | Close the Gender Pay Gap

Solving the gender pay gap with a simple solution.

Clare Christian | Galip: The Ethical Nut

Clare is currently project managing an initiative exploring the commercialisation of a tree nut that grows throughout Melanesia.

Tuaine-Nurse Tamarua Robati | Nurturing Young Leaders through Dance & Creativity

How to influence young people through artistic expression to become leaders in their communities.

Jack Candlish | Surfing the Eco-design Wave

Producing surfboards from locally recycled and renewable materials that compliment the natural integrity of the sport and contribute to the protection of the marine environment.

Melissa Marquez | Sharks & Female Scientists: More Alike Than You Think

Shining a light on the issues and challenges female scientists face through shark facts.

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