Call For Actioneers | TEDxWellington Needs Doers

Get involved in TEDxWellington and become a legend.

Imagine being part of an event which finds and amplifies amazing local voices, crafts opportunities for curious souls to connect deeply and interact playfully, forges relationships with regional stakeholders and supporters to participate in creating a platform for Wellington stories and ideas to spread.

Building on the success of the recent TEDxWellington (which sold out in two minutes flat, did things no other TEDx had ever dared and got featured on, 2017 will be the biggest the city has ever seen plus will also again prove we’re the creative capital.

Others have already asked so thought it’s time to announce our call for actioneers (think, super-volunteers), a chance to get involved at this early stage and to form the foundation for delivering something which has epic legacy.

The opportunities available are:

  • Partners and Sponsors Lead—securing the cash sponsors and delivery partners to match budget / plans;
  • Marketing and Communications—this should be obvious for those who apply (smirks);
  • Speaker Curation / Coaches—diplomacy and relevant experience needed for this one;
  • Community Activators—specifically focussed on coordinating the livestream events and wider community activities;
  • General Actioneers—none of the above although you got other fantastic skills and want to be involved.

You, as an incredible human, should be:

  • ambitious—we want to put Wellington on the creative world map (again) so prove to us you have a hunger for the same ideal;
  • ego-light—this is a volunteer role (none of us make money and certainly don’t do it to further our financial aims), it’s focussed on a bigger ideal of leveraging a global brand that is TED for local ideas to accelerate beyond this region;
  • committed—this will take up a year of your life, please don’t get involved if you don’t have the time;
  • empathic—understanding this is a team effort is essential, no silo-thinking allowed;
  • doers—we’re asking for more than volunteers, an emphasis on action based in experience is the key we’ve found in building a tremendous ‘doing culture.’

If the above excites you then get in touch by Friday 5pm, 1st July 2016, and show us what you got.

We’ll be announcing soon a bevy of events between now and the main TEDxWellington 2017 including the Salon events which focus on the community plus a few other treats.

Looking forward to hearing from you:

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