Speaker Alumni Feature | Cassandra Treadwell Twitter Takeover

Cassandra Treadwell

Taking this years TEDxWellington theme quite literally this week!

Today, we’re handing over our Twitter account to 2014 TEDxWellington past speaker Cassandra Treadwell, director and CEO of charity organisation So They Can. Cass’s work involves introducing people to the idea of reciprocity of giving, and with our event theme this year being trust, we thought this was a perfect way to put these ideas into practice.

Cass will be Tweeting from @TEDxWellington for the day, so feel free to send her any questions you might have. You could ask about her work, her travels or just about the experience of speaking at TEDxWellington—all for this Friday 16th January only.

Here’s her most recent update since her appearance at our last event:

And if you haven’t already seen it, here’s Cass’s 2014 talk is a stunning tale of learning, giving and receiving:

We’ll be back to our regular Tweeting after Friday, so stay tuned for updates on TEDxWellington 2016—now only a few weeks away on March 5th.