TEDxWellingtonSalon #3 | Important Event Information

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A big thanks to everyone who registered for our Salon event on 7 October — it sold out quickly (5 hours). We’re really looking forward to the third Wellington Salon event and hope you are too!

If you have a ticket, here are the details:

*TEDxWellington operates as a non-profit entity run by volunteers. If you’d like to join us for dinner, please contribute $10 per person on the door to help cover our food costs. Although Tea and Flight Coffee will be provided.

If you haven’t already – watch the following talks before tomorrow’s event! We’re excited to have updates from Ben Forman and Alex Hannant who both spoke at the first TEDxTeAro event on digital thinking versus analogue thinking and the emerging trend in social enterprises respectively plus Dave Moskovitz who spoke last year about the four superpowers of the internet at TEDxWellington last year.

We’re also excited to have collaborated with some awesome people to put this event on: The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, Eyeball Kicks, Flight Coffee, GoodBuzz Soda, Workabe>, Uber and Tommy Millions.

Don’t forget the hashtag for the evening is #TEDxWelly.