TEDxWellingtonSalon #1 | Event Review

hannah TEDxWellingtonSalon

Over 60 curious souls attended the first TEDxWellingtonSalon community event.

First of all, I’d like to thank each one of you for coming and bringing your enthusiasm.

The aim of this first TEDxWellington Salon event was to create an opportunity for the TEDxWellington community and TED fans to come together and to share plus explore new ideas whilst getting to know one another. We watched some entertaining TED videos (which were: Derek Sivers, How to start a movement and Melissa Marshall, Talk nerdy to me) which prompted facilitated discussions and ideas around the Pizza table.

We also got to hear three short talks / updates from previous TEDxWellington speakers: Guy Ryan watch previous talk about ‘what role can youth play in developing a better New Zealand’), Laura Green watch previous talk about ‘how scientists need to tell better stories and the drug research that might have found a cure to treat Multiple Sclerosis’ and Gabe Davidson (watch previous talk about ‘how one chocolate maker got the whole audience to not only understand the issues facing his industry, but also what it taste likes’.

A result from the communications workshop (led by Laura Green) were the following three key things to think about when you are out there sharing your own ideas:

  • Remove the Jargon
  • Know your Audience
  • Paint a Picture

It was really inspiring to hear the noise in the room lift up when we broke off for the discussion portions of the evening and it was a privilege to talk to some of you throughout the event. Whether it was your first bit of TEDx interaction away from the computer screen, or whether you have been to a previous TEDx event I hope you got something out of the interactions.

I look forward to the next TEDxWellingtonSalon, and as my own ideas and understanding as a TEDxWellington organiser grows, as too will your experience as a delegate.

Onwards and upwards to the next TEDxWellingtonSalon.

Watch this space!

Written by Hannah Wignal, Experience Delegate Officer and organiser of the TEDxWellingtonSalon events.

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  1. Sarb

    Great event Hannah, and nicely hosted. Really enjoyed the chats too – looking forward to seeing how the next one develops 🙂

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