The 2014 Talks Are Online!

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Or alternatively observe them in the order they were delivered on the day:

Guy Ryan  |  A Vision for New Zealand

What role can youth play in developing a better New Zealand.

Sophie Jerram  |  Creating Generous Cities

Cities are living organisms which can be influenced so how can we create more generous cities?

Arcee  |  The Keys to Truth

A mashup of rap, hip hop and performance poetry dissecting important issues of the day.

Alan Schaaf  |  Breaking Outside of Your Friends List

The power of online communities and how anonymous groups of people can be a source of good in this world.

Fraser Callaway & Oliver Ward | So Much More Than Just a Desk

How two graphic designers decided to embrace the idea that their inexperience was their greatest asset… and designed something spectacular

Laura Green  |  Connecting Curiosity – Tales of Science Serendipity

How scientists need to tell better stories and the drug research that might have found a cure to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

Dave Moskovitz | The Four Superpowers of the Internet

Exploring how we all have access and can embody the superpowers which the internet allows us to have. What will you do with your powers?

Adam Ben-Dror  |  Diggers, Dump Trucks, Bulldozers and Betta Fish

A journey of invention, influence and intuition.

ryfe  |  On the Roster

Two young and extremely talented musicians share their music and passion.

Cassandra Treadwell  |  Revolutionising Charity

A personal story of discovery and an invitation for us all to come down from our white horses and dance with the zebras.

Dylan Coburn  |  Illustrating Creativity

Using creativity to answer better that one question we all get asked : how was your day today?

Gabe Davidson  |  The Craft Chocolate Revolution. From Bean to Bar.

How one chocolate maker got the whole audience to not only understand the issues facing his industry, but also what it taste likes.