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Go. Buy.

Tickets are limited to first-come-first-served…

Don’t forget to celebrate by Tweeting / Facebooking (using the hashtag #TEDxWelly) and then run around the office / house declaring, repeatedly “…I have tickets to TEDxWellington and you don’t!” whilst playing Happy in the background, loud!

Thanks and can’t wait to see you on the 24th August.



5 thoughts on “Tickets Are On Sale NOW! SOLD OUT

  1. Andreas Wijngaarden

    As a 12 year old I loved it. Honestly I found it hard to get comfortable in the chairs but I don’t know I was the only one or not. It was very well organised and a great range of speakers. It also would be better if you had more than just water but not a biggie. Overall 8.5/10 and would love to come again possibly at a bigger venue so I can see even MORE people inspired and read their ideas. Oh yeah and loved that concept about the trade an idea for a coffee even though I can’t drink it it was cool. Thanks soo much it was AWESOME and very inspiring 😉

    • DK

      Thanks for your feedback Andreas and great to have you attend – hope you got the email about the feedback form so you can add in your further comments there… we’ll definitely take into consideration your thoughts and hope to fold it into the event next time with the aim of getting that score up 😉

  2. Patrick Wijngaarden

    Great event, I think you curated an interesting and varied group of speakers, and of course the volunteers did a great job! Nit picking comments for improvement:
    – the contemplation space wasn’t really one – it was just a space where people gathered to talk. I loved the idea, but execution could be improved with better design e.g. use of foam sound absorbtion cones in a TRUE quiet space. Would have been thought provoking too I suspect.
    – It would have been great to use an idea similar to the ‘idea for a coffee’ to enforce active mixing of the audience
    – More activities outside the conference would have been great, to get bodies moving
    – Didnt really get the idea of showing TED video’s… after all, the audience can see these in the comfort of their homes. We came for the warm, wonderful, inspirational PEOPLE.

    If I can help with the next one, please yell out. WELL DONE!!

    • DK

      Thanks for your comments Patrick – glad you had a great time and will feed your suggestions back to the team here. On the one point of the videos, you might have missed the MC briefly mentioning it’s part of the TED license agreement that we have to show videos.


      • Patrick Wijngaarden

        I did miss that salient point! Thanks again DK.

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