TEDxWellington Weekend Treats

wellington city night skyline

A delicious offering of weekend activities.

As we draw closer to the announcement of the speakers and ticket sales (end of this month) here’s a few other things to consider to add to your TEDxWellington weekend itinerary:

  • Lux—a city-wide celebration of light, sustainability, technology and culture that brings the Wellington waterfront to life
  • Beervana—over 200 craft beers on offer, the opportunity to meet many of New Zealand’s best brewers in person, and delectable food and beer matches
  • Welly On a Plate—NZ’s largest and tastiest anuual culinary festival
  • Japan Festival—held every two years, includes martial arts demonstrations, tea ceremonies, taiko drumming and a Japanese fashion show.
  • JaZzjAzZJazZ—Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music (NZSM) presents concert, the showcase highlight of the annual NZSM Jazz Festival

Not to mention the usual delights and wonderfulness the city has to offer.

Feel free to leave a comment on anything else we’re missing below.

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