Why do we have to register for tickets this year?
Rather than offering tickets for purchase as we’ve done in the past, this year we’re democratising access, in order to give more people more of a chance to attend! Once you’ve registered and the registrations are complete (July 11th), tickets will be allocated via random selection. Our events always sell out fast (sometimes within minutes!), which means those who can’t get online access quick enough, miss out. We hope that ticket registration, followed by randomly allocating tickets from the pool of those registered, will allow for a more fair and even chance of receiving a ticket.

But I want to sit with my friends!
We know many groups like to attend together, and that this ticketing system doesn’t allow for it. In keeping with our theme of ‘chance’, this year we’re asking you to take a creative risk and throw your hat in the ring regardless of who you might be sitting next to! We’ll be looking after you so you feel safe, and crafting interactions throughout the day that will make this as fun as it can be, while gently encouraging you to challenge yourself and grow in this area. Our ticketing system is one of them! Plus, Welly’s so small, chances are you’ll already know a stack of people on the day! Easy.

What are the different ticket categories about?
We’ve had different ticketing categories in the past, and this is typically done to allow those who are able an opportunity to share the aroha with those who might be less advantaged, by paying it forward. This year we’ve built the aroha into the system, with our Champion, Classic and Gateway categories.

TEDxWellington is a charitable trust administered and staffed by a small team of hardworking volunteers who do this in their free time. We’re also lucky to work with a number of wonderful local partners who lower their own running costs to make these events happen. But these costs still need to be covered.

Champion tickets provide an opportunity for those who are most able, to give something back to our TEDxWellington community by proactively helping us fundraise the event, while also funding those less able, to attend. Classic tickets reflect the median cost of events in town, and Gateway tickets are especially structured to allow those who might not usually attend a TEDx event due to cost, a chance to come along.

How will tickets be allocated to people who registered for them?
Tickets will be allocated via blind random selection, from each tier of the different ticket categories.

How do I pay for my ticket?
This year we’ll be manually invoicing tickets via email once they are allocated. This can be done via internet banking or deposit in advance of the event. Conference goers will have 1 week to pay for their ticket after being informed of their selection, and if not paid for within this time, the ticket will go back into the pool and randomly reallocated to someone else.

Why go to all this effort?
Because we want everyone to have a chance to attend TEDxWellington! As a leading event in Wellington for people passionate about ideas, innovation, and opportunity, we feel responsible to keep the doors open to everyone and encourage as much diversity amongst our community as possible.

Will this ticketing strategy be taken forward into subsequent years?
The approach and theme of this year’s ‘Chance’ event is unique to 2019, however we continually strive for creative, inclusive strategies when it comes to event ticketing and attendance.

Will my ticket category (Champion, Classic, or Gateway) be visible on my event gear – ie my lanyard?
No. Every delegate will have the same conference identification, and there will be no obvious delineation between ticket categories.

What are the advantages of a Champion ticket? Will there be VIP benefits?
The benefits are of an entirely ethical ‘feel good’ nature! You get the satisfaction of knowing your support is enabling us to put on the event, and that you’re helping others to attend who may not always have the chance to do so. TEDx Champions are pillars of our wider community who understand what we’re trying to do, and want to support our ethos of giving back and paying forward. The reward of helping spread ideas worth sharing is a priceless contribution to society.

Who is most appropriate for the Gateway tickets?
Students, low-wage workers, or anyone who wouldn’t normally attend a TEDx event due to financial restrictions. We STRONGLY encourage all TEDx enthusiasts to think about the people in their life who may fit that category and consider registering a ticket on their behalf, or encourage them to register themselves for this unique access to our 2019 event.

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