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Registrations are open for this years TEDxWellingtonWomen event.

As announced on Wednesday, we’re introducing a ticketing approach which will result in a gender-parity audience.

This is totally unique for any TEDxWomen event.

Delegates will be able to register for a pair of spaces and encouraged to bring someone who self-identifies as a different gender to themselves:

TEDxWellingtonWomen is a half-day event for 200 delegates featuring two 90-minute blocks from the main TEDWomen event in New Orleans (taken place on 1-3 November). The theme this year is “Bridges” and you’ll be hearing a selection of talks from the amazing speaker line-up there.

We have teamed up with a number of local organisations to bring you workshops that promise to challenge, inspire, and build on conversations around bridging the gender gap:

Emotional Workout with Powershop and Co-Liberate
Addressing the theme of equality and emotional labour, Powershop has partnered up with CoLiberate to bring you a workshop about movement, exercise, laughter and sharing.

Shared Experience with Inside Out
In the true spirit of bridges, Inside Out will broaden our conversation to include the perspective of trans folks and genderqueer/non-binary folks with a frank discussion touching on issues that affect all types of people.

Again, the agenda (subject to slight variations):

12.30pm Doors open
1.15pm Event starts / watch livestream
2.45pm Workshop time
3.45pm Afternoon tea
4.15pm Workshop time
5.15pm Watch livestream
6.45pm Final thanks
7.00pm Evening nibbles / drinks
8.00pm Finish

We look forward to seeing you there, and if you have any questions for us, we can be reached via our contact form.


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